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Quen Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser for Pharmaceutical Factory

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Quen Auto Shoe Cover Dispenser for Pharmaceutical Factory

Issue Time:2019-10-15

QUEN attended the 83th API expo which was held in Nan chang city from 10th - 12th 

October, 2019.

API China Pharmaceutical exhibition is the oldest and largest exhibition in the field of 

pharmaceutical  industry in China.

QUEN Automatic Disposable Shoe Cover Dispenser is very popular because of its 

convenience and intelligent. 

It can be used for pharmaceutical factories, especially for visitors use. When VIP 

visitors come to your factory, are you still ask them to change shoes  or wear shoe 

covers by hand?

It's not so polite to ask VIP to bend down to do this action. Now you can try QUEN 

Intelligent Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine. It can solve this awkward issue.

At the same time, it can enhance the company image.

From below pictures,  you can see it's very easy to use our Disposable shoe cover 

wearing machine.

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