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New way of wearing shoe cover

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New way of wearing shoe cover

Issue Time:2019-07-25

If you're still bending over and stretching out to wear shoe cover.

If you're still wearing those thin and ugly shoe cover.

If you're still struggling to buy shoe cover dispenser that break down after a few trips.

Tell yourself aloudly : I've had enough!

QUEN Intelligent Shoe Cover Machine can help you solve all these troubles. 

The function of QUEN Automatic overshoe machine:

1. Solve the trouble of changing shoes when visitors visit some places.

2. Avoid the choking smell while changing shoes and improve the indoor air.

3. Prevent private slippers from becoming public slippers, and avoid the potential risk 

   of Beriberi transmission and cross-infection caused by slippers.

Product scope of application:

Medical system: operating room, CT, X-ray room, dialysis room, gynecology and 

obstetrics (B-ultrasound room), radiology department, gastrointestinal endoscopy 

room, ICU, pathology room, sterile room, blood center, hyperbaric oxygen chamber, etc.

Social public resources system: precious Furniture Customization center, famous car 

parks, high-end clubs, cinema buildings, hotels, custom, museums, high-end meeting 

rooms, medical examination centers for expatriates, Technical Supervision bureau, 

inspection and quarantine bureau, etc.

Enterprise System: Electronic Workshop, Dust-free Workshop, Clean Workshop, 

Daily Chemical Enterprise, Pharmaceutical Factory, Biotechnology, Chemical Industry,

 Photomagnetic Technology, Food Processing Plant, Aerospace and Aviation, etc.

Education system: school, computer room, scientific research and teaching, laboratory, 

conference room, etc.

Real estate building system: model house, high-grade residential building, clubhouse, etc.