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Quen Shoe Cover Dispenser been showed at Guangzhou International Artifical Intelligence Expo

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Quen Shoe Cover Dispenser been showed at Guangzhou International Artifical Intelligence Expo

Issue Time:2019-04-12

The accelerated development of the artificial intelligence industry is revolutionizing 

the way people live and even the future of mankind. 

Today, we are living in the fast-developing high-tech era. We should change the 

traditional mind, let some smart products enter into our lives, change our lives 

and provide convenience for us.

Quen Automatic intelligent shoe cover dispenser as the innovative and unique 

product around the world, we attended the Guangzhou International Artifical 

Intelligence Expo which was held from 9th to 11st April in Guangzhou city.

The application of the shoe cover dispenser in the medical field has greatly 

improved the speed of the hospital doctors, patients, family members, etc. 

who need to wear shoe covers by hand, this way is more hygienic and efficient 

for them . It helps them to save time and increase the hospital image.

In the application of the dust-free workshop, the staff can quickly wear the 

shoe cover to improve the work efficiency, it provides them convenience , 

and avoid crowding of wearing shoe cover when someone visits.

The application in the home field eliminates the trouble of taking off shoes 

and changing shoes when the guests go house, or the shoes are not prepared 

enough, or have more athlete's foot, Quen automatic shoe cover machine can 

ensure the cleaning of the floor.

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