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Automatic shoe cover machine for house use

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Automatic shoe cover machine for house use

Issue Time:2019/03/06
The Automatic shoe cover machine is a must for real estate model house. It is a symbol 

of real estate strength. It is also a brand new, high-grade, tasteful gift that has emerged 

in the market.  

The intelligent shoe cover machine has become the new favorite of many 

leaders and their ladies since its listing! In the past, especially in the new year or have a 

party, the house master need to prepare many slippers outside.When the guests visit their 

house, guests need to change shoes.  

With QUEN Automatic Shoe Cover machine, even dozens Hundreds of people and more, 

a shoe cover machine can easily solve this problem. The most important thing is that it 

has emerged, which has completely relieved the troubles and inconveniences of taking 

off shoes, and also eliminated the hidden dangers of people's 

foot when taking off shoes. At the same time, it also avoids the constrained and embarrassed

problem caused by foot odor when friends visit your house. 

Electronic intelligent mode control, simple operation, convenient and efficient