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Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine for house use

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Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine for house use

Issue Time:2019-02-26

Now more and more people pay more attention on Hygiene. Before entering into house , they 

need to change shoes or wear shoe cover .

Changing shoes is Troublesome. Then people begin to use  shoe cover dispenser.

Quen Automatic shoe cover dispenser machine uses the thermal shrinkable technology, 

which solves the disadvantages of traditional shoe cover machine, such as small capacity, 

high failure rate . 

It is an advanced and high-grade intelligent shoe cover machine in China, and has won 

many patents.  Not only high-grade, but also better performance.

So now more and more people begin to use our machine for their house (Villa), it is so 

convenient for the guests who visit their house.   It can also increase the image of their house.

It's also a good choice for the model house of real estate.