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New way to wear shoe cover

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New way to wear shoe cover

Issue Time:2019-02-15

Usually, when people enter into some public places (such as real estate 

model houses, home, factories, car sales companies, hospitals, clinics, 

hotels, laboratories, computer rooms, animal and museums, , etc.) people 

will be required to change slippers or wear shoe covers by hand. 

This method is extremely inconvenient, and it makes hand dirt and cause 

cross infection.

Now let's introduce you a new way to wear shoe cover. "Quen" Automatic 

Shoe cover Dispenser let  your hands free. It can produce the shoe covers

automatically, by placing your foot into the foot board of the device, where 

there is a thermal shrinkable plastic film.

After people press the foot board, the heating system is activated, it will 

give heat and the PVC film will shrink after heated. Then an elegant shoe

 cover will be made according to the shape of the shoe. The coating just 

makes such a perfect fit, the shoe cover size can be made according to 

the shoe size. Even for Children's shoe.

Everything is so easy and convenient.