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Why should wear Shoe Cover ?

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Why should wear Shoe Cover ?

Issue Time:2019/08/19

Do you know the secret of bacteria which is on the shoe sole?

The results are amazing!

ABC's Good Morning, America program detected bacteria on the soles of eight 

people and on the paws of two dogs, and found that Siko's soles carried most of the 

66 million (all bacteria) bacteria. 

In a new study,researchers at the University of Arizona found nine specific bacteria 

on shoes.These bacteria can cause stomach, eye and lung infections. The study also 

found that the bacteria on our shoes survive longer than those in other places,because

when we walk, the soles of our shoes are often stained with new dirt,which facilitates 

the breeding of more bacteria.

Researchers at the University of Arizona in the United States did this study to find out 

whether bacteria on shoes would migrate to the floor of a room. They found that more 

than 90% of the bacteria on shoes were transferred to the floor of the room, and that 

even more bacteria were hidden in the carpet. Jonathan Saxton, research assistant

at the School of Public Health at the University of Arizona, said: Good Morning, America

shows that soles are even dirtier than toilet rings." Toilet seat rings usually carry 1000 or 

less bacteria, and shoes carry millions of bacteria.

When visitors come, you can ask them to take off their shoes,but you must be clear 

that not everyone will take it easy. Etiquette consultant Janis Gibson says it's important 

to remember the proper etiquette to make others feel comfortable. "I'm a Southern woman, 

and we Southern women don't usually ask guests to take off their shoes before entering 

the door. It's impolite," she said. Some people may have beriberi problems, or some 

women may never have time to repair their nails, so asking them to take off their shoes 

may make them feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.

SARS in 2003 alerted us to the importance of environmental sanitation. Once again, it 

challenges the Chinese people's living habits and lifestyles, and sets off a new and 

unprecedented disposable consumption and hygiene habits. Generation after generation 

of shoe cover machines came into being, and with the progress of the times,they have

been eliminated. Through continuous research and experiments, QUEN has invented 

a unique globally Intelligent Shoe Cover Dispenser Machine, which subverts traditional 

concepts and intelligently integrates the features of beautiful appearance, long service 

life and so on.