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Do you know the Bacteria on the soles of shoes

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Do you know the Bacteria on the soles of shoes

Issue Time:2019-07-12

Shoe are people's close friends, accompanying the "masters" everywhere.But do you 

realize that shoes you wear every day are likely to have unexpected health risks? In 

other words, the sole is closely connected with the ground every day, and at the same 

time it has the mobility of going from house to house. If it is not sanitary, it is bound to

 become a serious source of pollution and act as an important vehicle for spreading 



If the ground is not sanitary, the soles of pedestrians will be difficult to defend themselves.

 Unhygienic sole, easy to spread virus


In June 2008, a study by Arizona State University found that the soles of shoes carried 66 

million bacteria. Some countries have attached great importance to shoe sole pollution. 

For example, France is worried about the spread of foot-and-mouth disease in Britain. It is 

proposed that British tourists must clean and dry their soles before entering customs.


So it is very necessary to wear shoe cover.

By using QUEN automatic shoe covers machine, that is convenient and hygienic.

It can be used for hospitals, laboratories, clinics, factories, real estate model rooms or when 

entering the door to wear shoes.