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The development of Quen Thermal Shrinkable Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

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The development of Quen Thermal Shrinkable Automatic Shoe Cover Machine

Issue Time:2018-12-12

In contemporary life, whether it is home life, or commercial and industrial places, visitors need to 

wear shoe covers when entering into clean area. As a result, the market appeared shoe cover

dispenser. However, there is still a lot of problems with the simple shoe cover dispenser. 

For example, High failure rate, shoe cover capacity is too small. etc

In order to solve the problem of fast and reliable supply of shoe cover. inventors have been

constantly exploring. So Quen Thermal shrinkable automatic shoe cover dispenser was 

appeared.It mainly solve the troubles of prevention of bacteria and avoidance of cross infection.

This eliminates the cross-infection and disease trouble changing shoes, but also with large shoe 

cover capacity and looks more elegant and civilized.



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