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Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser for factory use

Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser for factory use
Issue Time:2018-05-18

The traditional way of keeping floor clean is changing shoes or wearing shoe cover by hand when

 entering into clean area, like hospital, factory clean room, house, etc

But it is not convenient and efficient, so automatic shoe cover dispenser appears.Then people no

 need to bend down to wear shoe cover by hand.

Quen Automatic Shoe Cover Machine uses the principle that Thermal Shrinkable Film will shrink 

at proper temperature. complete different technology from other shoe cover machine.

It can automatically outputs and cuts the PVC film and provide hot air .

It only takes three seconds to make PVC film into shoe cover and wraps people's shoes.

It can cover shoes of different sizes, a layer of film will wrap the lower part of the shoe.

It is very convenient and efficient.  For more information you can visit