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Quen attended the China Clean Equipments exhibition

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Quen attended the China Clean Equipments exhibition

Issue Time:2021/04/03

Quen attended the China Clean Equipment exhibition for Automatic shoe cover dispenser from 30th March to 1st April.2021

CCE aims to provide one-stop environmental sanitation solutions for domestic hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, scenic 

spots and other commercial spaces, as well as residential quarters, municipal sanitation, industrial factories and public facilities.

Facing the audience of terminal industries such as property management companies, cleaning companies, public facilities management 

companies, commercial real estate, department stores, shopping center owners and hotel groups from all over the country.

Quen Automatic shoe cover machine can be used for the places where need cleanliness. such as factory clean room, hospital, 

medical center, clinic, lab, spa center, gym, model house of real estate , etc

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